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Princess Elisabeth: Children turn into people

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium
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Early practice ...

In a few weeks, on October 25th, the successor to the throne Elisabeth of Belgium will be ten years old. Self-confident, therefore, she already wants to be no longer called the "little" princess. Princess Elisabeth of Belgium has a right to this, as she has recently been allowed to work in the royal house of Belgium occasionally, whenever she has children-friendly appointments. Her baptism of fire consisted of Princess Elisabeth of Belgium this week in Ghent, where she opened a children's clinic and baptized her name - of course in the presence of her parents Crown Prince Philippe and Crown Princess Mathilde. They registered that their daughter was still a little bit shy, but otherwise she mastered her royal task, according to the motto: children become people. Princess Elisabeth of Belgium is the first child of the Belgian heir to the throne, who comes into the limelight. Early practice, because at some point the girl will, unlike her three younger siblings, once wear the crown of Belgium, as long as the crisis-ridden country still exists within its present borders and the Belgians hold on to the monarchy as a form of state.