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Married pastor marries pregnant teen

An unusual family
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  1. Thom Miller: former criminal, now pastor and married to two women
  2. The family is enlarged
  3. No matter what people say
  4. Former criminal, now pastor

Thom Miller: former criminal, now pastor and married to two women

A 60-year-old man marries his 19-year-old girlfriend, who is pregnant by him. His wife agrees and even looks forward to raising the child with them!

Thom Miller from Ohio, USA, was married to 44-year-old Belinda for seven years when he brought 19-year-old Reba into the relationship. Reba is pregnant by Thom, and the three are planning to raise the child together.

The family is enlarged

Thom had known Reba since she was a child. She then moved away with her parents and met Thom again after many years. They realized how much they liked each other and became a couple. Unbelievable is that it is no problem for Thoms first wife Belinda! She is even pleased that Reba enlarges the family. They live together in a house and see themselves as a family with privileges that offers them the relationship of three. So the child will get the attention of two mothers and Belinda sees in Reba a sister who is always near her.

No matter what people say

The three are happy with each other and they do not care what others think about them. For her it is an alternative lifestyle and Thom fights for his second marriage with Reba to be legally recognized. He says that he has the right to live as he wishes, as long as he does not harm anyone.

Former criminal, now pastor

Perhaps you suspect that Thom belongs to a denomination that advocates plural marriage? It's not like this! Thom is a Christian and a pastor. He discovered his religious side during his time in jail for stabbing. The former mafia member read the Bible there, which changed his life. He was released from prison in 1991 and, a year later, married his first wife, Belinda, who already has seven children from a previous marriage.

Thom says he was worried that the two women might be jealous of each other. But they supposedly have no problems with it! Hard to believe, we find.