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Princess Diana's brother Earl Spencer: Engagement has burst!

Princess Diana's brother Earl Spencer (46): Engagement burst
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Again an engagement has burst

What Jonas Bergström in Sweden can take out, I can do in England for a long time, may have said Princess Diana's brother Earl Spencer (46). He had a few days before his wedding with Lady Bianca Elliot (33) by his lawyers align: "There is no wedding, the engagement has burst."

Now the high society puzzles between London and South Africa (where the Earl still has a residence), which may well have been the reason for this love-out. One whispers about violent turbulence in the 19-month-long Love Affair. Allegedly, the lady also said that she was really getting on her nerves, that her future husband tried to control her every step of the way.

Nevertheless, the failure of the relationship is generally regretted. The two were a good couple. Earl Spencer, divorced twice and father of six children, and the lady, widowed (her husband drowned after an epileptic seizure) and mother of three, would have made a colorful patchwork family, it was said.

Whether the "off" is final, however, some insiders doubt for a good reason: Lady Bianca Elliot still wearing her sinfully expensive engagement ring on display. That may be a sign, but maybe it's just because she simply loves Diamonds more than the Ex.