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Vitamin deficiency due to contraceptive pill?

Prof. Dr. med. Kai Bühling explains to us how a vitamin deficiency is caused by birth control pills.

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The contraceptive pill has revolutionized the lives of women. However, it also brings with it health risks. We will explore the question of whether birth control pills promote vitamin deficiencies in the body. For this we spoke with Prof. Dr. med. med. Kai J. Bühling - Head of the Hormone Consultation and Consiliary of the Clinic and Policlinic of Gynecology of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf and practicing physician in the Specialist Practice for Gynecological Endocrinology in Hamburg-Blankenese.

Does the intake of birth control pills actually result in a vitamin deficiency? And if so, is that scientifically proven?

Prof. Dr. med. Kai Bühling: The contraceptive pill increases some proteins in the blood, resulting in a redistribution of not only the fluids, but also the micronutrients. In this respect, it can always be the case that vitamin deficiencies, which previously may have been latent, are conspicuous by the increased demand.

What exactly happens through the action of hormones on the female body? How does the vitamin deficiency come about?

Prof. Dr. med. Kai Bühling: Using the example of the thyroid gland, this is quite clear: the thyroid hormone transport proteins are stimulated by the pill, which means that more thyroid hormones are needed to restore balance. At this moment, more iodide is needed to build up the hormones . If this is missing, it comes to the defect.

What are the vitamins and should they be added to food intake?

Prof. Dr. med. Kai Bühling: Especially for folic acid this is stated, which can be substituted additionally. But the blood levels of vitamin B12 and vitamin E and ubiquinone are lower under a hormonal contraception, where the practical effect is unknown.

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