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Pooductive: app for chatting on the loo

If you want, you can now chat with people all over the world during the toilet session.
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If it takes longer on the toilet

No, we're not kidding. The new app Pooductive was actually designed to pass time during toilet sessions that take a bit longer.

For those who thought they had read, the App Pooductive really exists , and it's designed to make sure that all the people in the world who suffer from boredom when they 're in the bathroom do not do that in the future do.

Because who goes to loo (and who is really very very boring), can now Pooductive open and look at who the other app users just also visits the quiet village. This can either be people from nearer or from other continents. Once someone has been found, it can be chatted on and off - with one or more people. Theoretically, you could of course via Whatsapp. However, one can not guess if someone has time to answer. At Pooductive, chatting is also anonymous . Besides, the app has another feature. Users can, once they have done their business, choose a song that describes the result of the whole thing (though maybe not everyone necessarily wants it ...).

The app was developed by the student Ricardo Gruber. On the official homepage, he describes it as "a magical and wonderful place where people from seven different kingdoms can take refuge and enjoy their time of Zen, peace and tranquility, conversing, philosophizing or sharing their ideas while they sit on their iron throne. " (Does this sound a bit odd to Game of Thrones fans?)

We are curious about how the app is now and how many people will download it. Because Pooductive should serve not only as a pastime, but also to draw attention to the fact that many people in this world have no access to sanitary facilities and they also lack of clean water. The app is intended to collect donations.