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5 sayings about optimism from smart men

5 words about optimism of wise men
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We all need a pinch of optimism from time to time - after all, the lives of positive thinking people are often easier and, no wonder, often more successful.

And so we have a bit in the history books rummaged and once looked at what famous scientists and inventors had to say about Optimusmus.

"I have developed a very personal interpretation of optimism that if my path does not lead through one door, it will lead through another - or else I will build the door through which my path will lead - something unique will happen, regardless how dark the present is. "

( Rabindranath Tagore )

"Optimism gives people the power to hold their heads up, a force that leaves no future for their opponents."

( Dietrich Bonhoeffer )

"Choose to be positive, you have the opportunity to choose this when you are in control of your actions, choose to be positive and constructive, and optimism is the guide to success."

( Bruce Lee )

"Many defeats in life are recorded by people who do not realize how close success is the moment they decide to give up."

( Thomas Edison )

"Success will not be measured by the position a person has in life, but by the difficulties he has been able to overcome."

( Booker T. Washington )

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