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#petsloveusdoingyoga: When pets do sports with their mum

She always has her yoga trainer in the house ...
Photo: Instagram / hilariabaldwin

The currently sweetest Instagram trend

Yoga is considered one of the most relaxing sports ever. But what if disturbing pets do not want to give peace when greeting the sun? Just get involved, find these Instagram users.

Here comes out a yoga session that makes both owner and pet a pleasure. And because we're all looking forward to the training snapshots with dog and cat, sport-affectionate pet owners share them with #petsloveusdoingyoga on Instagram. Too sweet!

No matter if the beloved four-legged friends just sit next to them, practice as photobombs or just join in: surprisingly, animals and yoga fit together really well. Maybe because they are also a source of relaxation for us?

The pictures below are proof! So: At the next training session in your own four walls, you can also get the animal roommates on the mat - after all, it will relax twice as well ...

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