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New laws from June 2015: That changes

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  1. Today, some new laws come into force
  2. *** More justice for tenants?
  3. *** Annoying Doorstep Shops
  4. *** Safety comes first: Bye bye, Paternoster!
  5. *** New marks on cleaning agents

Today, some new laws come into force

Everything new makes June! Today, June 1, 2015, several new laws will come into effect. We reveal what changes everything for us.

More justice for tenants?

Anyone who wants to live or move in a big city often has a hard time. Completely overpriced rents, not to mention the stress and competition of finding a flat.

New laws, which come into force today on June 1, should help the tenant.

For example, there would be the ordering principle . After that only the one has to pay for the broker, who also orders him. So if the potential landlord is looking for a tenant for his apartment through a broker, he can no longer pass the costs on to his tenant.

Sounds good. However, we are just waiting for the next apartment visit with 30 applicants in a flat suddenly one of the applicants calls: "I volunteer the Brokerage", and then the apartment gets ...

If a tenant himself hires a realtor to look for a flat, then he must continue to pay for it. But the broker may not simply offer the tenant an apartment from his stock - because then the broker would double cash: From the landlord, through the apartment is already in the inventory of the broker, and the tenant, who instructs the broker. The apartment really needs to be searched for the renter.

In addition, the rental price brake also comes into force today. It is intended to prevent landlords from arbitrarily increasing the rent of their apartments - even if the tenants change, so the apartments are re-let. With the rent brake they are only allowed to increase the rents for re-letting existing real estate by a maximum of ten percent.

However, not everyone can cheer now. The rental price brake applies only in areas with "tense housing situation", ie in cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne etc.

There are also exceptions: If an apartment or a house has been extensively renovated or is a new building, the rental price brake does not apply.

Annoying doorstep shops

Has anyone ever accused you of contracting at the front door? Whether for a change of electricity provider or cable TV - many are annoyed afterwards, when they have completely taken by surprise at the front door a valid contract.

If you have completed one of these annoying contracts before June 13, 2014, then you can only do something about it until June 27!

Since June 2014, such contracts have a right of withdrawal of 12 months and 14 days - thereafter the right of revocation expires.

Previously it was the case that you could terminate a contract at any time with a wrong cancellation policy, or even if you did not get any.

So take care of contracts that annoy you for a long time!

Safety comes first: Bye bye, Paternoster!

Have you ever driven paternoster ? So these old open elevators, mostly made of wood, that do not stop? Also through to the end?

We are sorry, but this is an experience that we can not do so easily anymore. Because the paternoster may only be used by persons who had an instruction. For example, people who work in an office building with paternoster. Unfortunately, visitors are no longer allowed to use the rustic elevators.

Also in the review of normal elevators, but in total of office supplies and equipment, there are new rules since today. The new Industrial Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) prescribes stricter monitoring of operational safety and, depending on the operation and device, new regulations apply. In the case of elevators, this is best seen in everyday life, since they must now have TÜV stickers that indicate when the next test is due.

New marks on cleaning agents

It has been around for a long time on cleansers with just one ingredient, and now the hallmark must be on all cleansers: small checks with an orange frame that point out the danger to the body and the environment.

Not only is the frequency of license plates new, they are also being standardized internationally.

Photos: TÜV Rheinland

The UN has decided on this labeling system. The old bottles with the old symbols may only be left on the shelves for two years.

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