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New App Glimpse helps people get to know Instagram

#Instaflirt: With Glimpse running the Dating on Instagram
Photo: iTunes / Glimpse

This is how Instagram becomes a flirt portal

A picture is worth a thousand words - right? If you want to take on a different approach to finding a partner, Glimpse can send you appropriate suggestions. And that's easy via the Instagram account.

There is no denying that online dating has never been so sociable! Not only the omnipresent app Tinder provides an unprecedented dating hype, even on LinkedIn you can now get to know each other and love.

And also on Instagram, it is now "It's a match!" - the new App Glimpse makes it possible. Hashtags, places and events are scanned by the application, and like-minded people are suggested for a chat (or more). As with Tinder but one does not contact unintentionally: Both sides must first agree to a conversation.

How good is the new app Glimpse?

Can the use of the same hashtags really be the basis for a successful date? Yes and no. It is great, for example, that the Instagram pictures at Glimpse make for less anonymity and so you have the feeling that you have someone with whom you really have something in common. The snapshots are also the perfect basis for an innocuous conversation that no-one has to start out of the blue. By the way, one learns whether one would understand oneself on the aesthetic level.

On the other hand, it does not have to mean that both have a preference for the "lo-fi filter" and like to eat at the Italian restaurant in the city center. The criteria by which the matches are made are, after all, still very few. Here it becomes clear that this is not a traditional dating portal with a long questionnaire - but maybe that's just the way it is.

We think: A try is probably the Glimpse App well worth it! Who knows, maybe one person will like the other in real life without a filter ...