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After separation from Kylie Jenner: Jaden Smith wants to move out

Did the parents destroy Jaden Smith's young love?

Jaden Smith / ©

Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith are said to have parted after their brief romance and both seem to suffer from heartache according to their Instagram postings. Were Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith responsible for the end? The 14-year-old Jaden Smith is now enough with the influence his parents have on his life, as Father Will Smith told the press. The "Karate Kid" actor and buddy of Justin Bieber now wants to move out of his home despite his minority. In an interview with the "Sun, " Will Smith said, "He said, 'Dad, I want to emancipate myself'. I know that if we do that, we have an emancipated minor because he really desperately wants his own apartment. That's a backlash. On the other hand, I understand it when kids just want to control their own lives. " Will Smith extort Jaden's separation from Kylie Jenner? Father and son were on a press trip in Seoul, where Jaden Smith presented his new movie "After Earth". It is quite possible that Will Smith, who together with his wife is basically known for a very liberal upbringing style, put his teenage son to the election: his own home or relationship with a Kardashian. It is said that Jadens family was absolutely not thrilled that he would be drawn into the glory of the Reality TV clan. SE