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Baby Dynamics Yoga: Is that healthy?!?

Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Barcroft TV

This video of Lena Fokina's Baby Yoga moves the internet

The Russian Lena Fokina runs professional "Baby Dynamics Yoga" - and the world holds its breath. That can not be healthy for the babies! No video for the faint of heart!

The image you see above is intentionally harmless. Lena Fokina holds a baby in her hands. But with what she does with this baby shortly thereafter, it stifles your breath. The video below is really just for die-hard.

She flings the little kid around wildly, holding it only by his little arms, throwing it up in the air. The baby even screams - and she says it's good for the kid!

"Baby Dynamics Yoga" is the name of this "sport" and Lena Fokina, a trained movement educator, has been doing this for over 30 years with babies, including her own children and grandchildren.

She assures that in the video only real children are seen, not dolls. And even if the children are crying, it's only for the best - she says - and sooner or later the children are supposed to like it.

Lena offers "Baby Dynamics Yoga" for children from a few weeks to two years old. Originally her methods were developed to help children with problems with the brace and supportive apparatus, but Lena emphasizes that it can also help healthy children.

She claims that children who do "Baby Dynamics Yoga" often start reading, singing, talking or swimming earlier.

Under the video you can vote: Do you think "Baby Dynamica Yoga" is really healthy for babies?

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