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Knit cap with modern relief structure

Photo: Schachenmayr
  1. Special knitting
  2. Material:
  3. Knitting pattern for a hat with a modern relief structure

Special knitting

No more cold ears: You can easily knit the warm beanie with bobble with our knitting instructions. We show you how.

Difficulty level: easy

Size: cap circumference 54 cm.


  • Schachenmayr S oraya, 150 g in berry, Fb 07933.
  • 1 crochet hook 5 mm
  • 1 wool embroidery needle

Spiral Rd:

Crochet in Spiral Rd crochet the stitches continuously without closing the round (Rd) with a slit stitch. Use a contrasting yarn to mark the beginning of the round.

Zigzag pattern:

According to crochet script 1, work in Rd. Mesh number divisible by 3. The 1.-6. Crochet Rd 1x, then the 3.-6. Always repeat Rd.

Thread ring:

To do this, put a loop and pull the thread through with the crochet hook, as with an initial stitch, but do not put on the thread but keep the loop loose. Now for the first stitch loop the thread around the needle and crochet the stitch. Crochet the corresponding number of stitches in the thread ring and close the 1st round with a warp stitch in the upper stitches of the initial stitch. Now tighten the thread end so that the ring is tightly closed.


The hat is crocheted from top to bottom.

Knitting tension:

In chopsticks (= trb): 10 tr x 10 rounds / rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Knitting instructions for a cap with modern relief structure

Put a thread ring for the cap tip.

1st round: Crochet 3 sts (replacement for 1st tr), 17 tr in the thread ring.

2nd round: crochet the 1st tr in the uppermost spare mesh of the pre-round, marking the beginning of the round with contrasting yarn (= back middle), * 3 tr in 1 point, 2 tr from * 4x Repeat, 3 tr in 1 puncture site, 1 tr = 30 tr.

3rd round: 2 tr, * 3 tr in 1 puncture site, 4 tr, repeat from * 5 x, 3 tr in 1 puncture site, 2 tr = 42 tr.

4th round: 3 tr, * 3 tr in 1 puncture site, 6 tr, repeat from * 5x, 3 tr in 1 puncture site, 3 tr = 54 tr.

5th round: 4 tr, * 3 tr in 1 point, 8 tr, repeat from * 5 times, 3 tr in 1 point, 4 tr = 66 tr.

6th round: 5 tr, * 3 tr in 1 puncture site, 10 tr, repeat from * 5x, 3 tr in 1 puncture, 1 tr, 2 half tr and 2 fixed loops = 78 stitches.

ROUND 7: Crochet 1 sliver stitch into the following stitch, 1 slit (substitute for 1st slit), work 77 slits in the back loop, close Rd with 1 slit stitch into the initial slit.

8th 9th Rd: 1 air stitch (substitute for the 1st stitch), work 77 sts at the back of the stirrup, close the st in the initial streamer with 1 slit stitch.

10th-19th Rd: work in a zigzag pattern according to crochet script, the grayed out Rd shows the previous Rd fixed stitches.

20th-22nd Rd: 1 air stitch (substitute for the 1st stitch), 77 knit stitches into the back piece of the stitch, close the pile with 1 slit stitch in the initial mesh. Cut the thread.

For the left ear flap from the Rd transition (= rear center) into the 11th stitch connect the thread and work according to crochet instruction 2 in fixed stitches. Crochet the right earflap in the same way, but tie the thread on the 23rd stitch to the right of the Rd transition.


Tighten the thread ring at the tip of the cap, sew all the threads. Crochet the lower edge of the cap, including the edges of the earflaps, with 1 back-ground stitch. The upper M-limbs lie on the inside of the cap and give a nice edge. Now make a pompon of 8 cm in diameter and sew it slightly to the front between the 1st and 2nd round) on the top of the hat.

Here you will find the instructions for your home to download!

Created in friendly cooperation with Schachenmayr .

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