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Original DIY idea: Sew memo board yourself

On the table or on the wall: Alternatively, you can also hang the memo board
Photo: deco & style

Everything in the frame

A memo board of a very special kind: You can easily make this original police officer in a few simple steps.

And you need that for the memo board:

  • Picture Frame
  • old shirt
  • Decorative band
  • Sewing machine and color matching yarn
  • duct tape
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • pin

And that's how easy it is:

1. Cut out the bag with about 1 cm seam allowance. Cut out a piece in the width of the frame from the buttonhole bar, long enough to fill the frame's longitudinal direction.

2. Sew on the bag about 3 cm below the button placket and sew the decoration tape underneath. Then beat the seam allowance of the bag backwards and quilt.

3. Sew up the decorative band on the buttonhole bar.

4. Cut a large piece of fabric for the back of the board.

5. Cover the frame rear wall with the large piece of fabric, place the piece with the buttonhole bar on it and with a little distance place the piece with the bag. Lay everything flat on top, fold backwards and glue well with the adhesive tape.

6. From the upper left edge, let the decorative band run down through the buttonhole, underneath which you put a loop and sew it by hand.

7. Place the finished board in the frame and place it on the desk with the frame stand.