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Trendy Knitting TutorialsMagdalena Neuner: My guide to a cute kids poncho

Knitting like the stars: athlete Magdalena Neuner shows us what we can do magic from wool and yarn and gives us her favorite instructions.

Like the little ones: Cuddly knit poncho
Photo: Grafe and Unzer / Photographer: Patrick Wittmann

Knitting is very much in vogue: Magdalena Neuner, who shows us here what we can do with knitting needles. The result: instructions for fashionable parts that we do not want to take off again! If you also feel like getting creative now, just print out our tutorial for the sweet poncho and get started! He likes the kid very much.

Poncho for outdoor girls
MATERIAL Lana Grossa quality "Alta Moda Superbaby" (67% wool, 3% polyamide, 60m / 50g length): 500g red lilac | Circular Needles No.10, 80 and 40cm long | 8 buttons in red purple with Ø 28 mm | blunt and pointed darning needle
SIZE 104/110, 116/122, 128/134. The information for Gr. 116/122 and 128/134 are in brackets, without parentheses the figures for all sizes apply.
Smooth right: Knit right sts (right st) in right rows, knit left sts (left st) in back rows (st).
Wrong patent (fP) in rows (R) 1. R (HinR): RandM, * 2 M re, 1 M li, 1 M re *, sequence ** constantly wdhl, end with 1 st, RandM. 2nd round (reverse): RandM, 1 ml, * 3 sts, 1 ml *, sequence ** continuously, 1 edge st. 1st and 2nd R constantly wdhl.
Wrong patent in rounds (Rd): 1st round: * 3 sts, 1 st *, repeat sequence **. 2nd round: 1 st, * 1 st, 3 ml *, sequence ** continuously, finish with 1 st, 2 ml. 1st and 2nd round constantly wdhl.
Mesh test: Smooth with needle No. 10: 12 sts x 14 mm = 10 x 10 cm.
1.From back to front, str. Cast on 75 (79/83) sts, work in fP, divide M into backs: RandM, 1 M li, 18 (19/20) times fP, RandM. Next R (= HinR): RandM, 18 (19/20) times fP, end with 1 st, RandM. 11R with FP, then: RandM, 6M FP, 61 (65/69) M smooth, 6M FP, RandM. 64 (68/72) R plain with edge trim (= shoulder).
2.For back neckline, bind off middle 19 (21/23) sts, continue in halves separately: For rounding the front neckline, apply 1 time 1 and 1 time 3 sts on both sides. 2. Work the front half as well, then cast in between knitted M 11 (13/15) sts. Now work on all 75 (79/83) M with the previous division. After 54 R off shoulder, close off middle 15 (19/23) sts, continue halves separately: 5 sts each time 6 sts in each 2nd R on both sides. Continue over all disused sts in fP 10 R, continuing pattern rhythm between the edges. Bind off the M loosely.
3. Pick up from the neckline at the front 28 (30/32) sts, pick up from the rear neckline 20 (22/24) sts. Work 14 cm (= 20 rounds) on the round needle with the circular needle, then cast off all sts loosely.
4. Superimpose the panels on the sides left to left. Sew on the buttons through both layers (see section).

To download our instructions, it goes along here.

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