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Mini Fashion Bar by Pimkie: SOS looks for hotel guests

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  1. Fashion label provides hotel guests with outfits
  2. What brings the guests the action?
  3. How does the "Mini Fashion Bar" by Pimkie work?

Fashion label provides hotel guests with outfits

What sounds like every fashionista's dream has now become reality in Belgium. There is a mini-bar for fashion in a hotel, from which every guest may serve ...

Forget the rain jacket at home? For the spontaneous visit to the theater nothing right to wear? What other places on holiday leads to stressful Rumgerenne in various shops in the area, is now in a hotel in Antwerp Antwerp to a relaxed matter.

What brings the guests the action?

At the Banks Boutique Hotel, the fashion label Pimkie has now equipped each room with a "mini fashion bar", which is integrated into the respective wardrobe. For example, there is a rain jacket in there, hip accessories to go out or comfortable shoes for a long walk through the city. Depending on the season and event changes the collection and selection. An overview of all parts of the "Mini Fashion Bar" guests will find in a kind of menu.

How does the "Mini Fashion Bar" by Pimkie work?

As in a normal minibar, guests can choose and carry the pieces. The shoes are too small? The jacket too big? No problem! A call to the hotel service and the right size is delivered to your room. The used clothes and accessories are paid at check-out at the end of the stay. The great thing: the prices are exactly the same as in the Pimkie shop.

Pimkie's "Mini Fashion Bar" is so well received at the Banks Boutique Hotel that the company is now considering introducing the same concept in other European cities. Currently in discussion: Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Paris and Milan.

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