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Winterize your garden and balcony - how it works!

Pumpkin, ornamental cabbage, heather, small climbing plant (here Ficus pumila), autumn leaves and rose hips.
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Tips & Tricks

This time around the terrace and balcony. How to winterize your outdoor oasis and still preserve a few splashes of color.

So your open-air room will blossom again next spring.

Even if the balcony plants are still in full bloom, you can already prepare your patio or garden for the cold season. Wood furniture can stay outdoors. It is best to treat it with natural oil before getting wet. You can remove dirt first with a brush and wood cleaner.

Our WOHNIDEE tip: If you push flat wedges under two table legs in autumn, the table is slightly sloping and water can drain. Also plastic furniture is weatherproof and may stand outside. In the dry belong, however, aluminum furniture, because water and frost can damage the material.

By the way: Cyclamen, Calla and Kalanchoe are now looking forward to an elevated location to take advantage of the autumn sun. But they prefer to spend the winter indoors.

Winterizing the garden - before you start, read our tips and tricks ...

Our tips at a glance:

Herbs love it warm. Therefore, basil, mint and co. Feel most comfortable inside in a bright spot. Caution: too much water does not get them.

With its magnificent red berries, the peat myrtle beautifies your balcony even in snow and ice. The dwarf shrub often bears the fruit all winter - also because birds do not like the berries .

For the rugged under the frostbite: For plants that can stay out, the soil and bales should always be well packed. Simply place the pot with rose or hydrangea in a cardboard box and fill with wood wool.

In the starting blocks: Heavy and delicate container plants such as palms or oleanders can be transported effortlessly onto plant rollers (eg Dehner). It's best to let the pot stand on it over the winter - so you're ready for the upcoming outdoor season.

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