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Michelle Rodriguez teases with erotic down-the-photo

Michelle Rodriguez down without

Are Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez still a couple? At least the actress seems to have sent the supermodel a distant message from afar.

Michelle Rodriguez down-without
Photo: @mrodofficial on Instagram, Getty Images

While Cara Delevingne unsettles the Coachella Festival in California, her friend Michelle Rodriguez is in distant Abu Dhabi, where she is not stingy with her charms. On her Instagram profile (@mrodofficial on Instagram) Michelle published on April 16, 2014, a photo on which makes the otherwise rather burschikose actress on sex bomb. With pulled down bikini bottoms and look at the approach of her intimate region as well as tightly hidden breasts, she showed plenty of permissive.

Upskirt: Stars below without showing the gallery!

Sadly, the erotic selfie also made it clear that Michelle Rodriguez is not so careful about shaving her armpits. She can afford the somewhat hairy sight, after all, she has already conquered the most coveted model in the world.

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