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Bettina Wulff: Does she have a new one?

Bettina Wulff wanted to defend herself against slander with her book "Beyond the Protocol", causing great outrage.
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Outrage after her shocking life confession

The marriage crisis at the Wulffs is obvious. It's probably just a matter of time ...

They still live together in their house in Großburgwedel near Hannover. Yet. Only that Bettina Wulff (38) is sometimes on the road for weeks on end. But when she returns home to her husband Christian Wulff (53) and her two sons (9 and 4), "then they both try to work up what happened", as we learned from the environment of the former Federal President.

They even called on a psychotherapist for their marital problems. Successful? Probably not. Bettina Wulff revealed herself that it would be a lie if she said "that everything is alright." And only four years after the wedding!

In good as in bad days ... - this is not always easy for a loving couple, but it goes without saying. The marriage of the Wulffs ran apparently only in the good days really smoothly. When they still resided splendidly in Bellevue Castle.

Since the scandal-resignation of Christian Wulff is in the house in Großburgwedel nothing more, as it was.

But that's not all. The bad suspicion: There could be a new man in the life of Bettina Wulff. Of course, the politician and his wife meet with friends, confirms us a confidant. However, they are not always traveling together.

Bettina Wulff, so the magazine "Focus", was recognized by tourists on Sylt. In bikini in the dunes. With another man. The mysterious stranger with whom the attractive ex-First Lady was seen confirmed "Focus" that he knows Bettina Wulff . But: He is just a friend, emphasizes the alleged "media man". Maybe only half the truth?

Her husband needs psychological help

The fact is: what Bettina Wulff has now made headlines is unique in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. Alone her book - none of her predecessors ever so distanced herself from her husband. She does not want to be shorn with her husband over a comb, therefore, had deliberately set aside on his resignation, she writes.

Allegations that he was "physically and mentally" during the affair for his alleged benefit not been able to "still deal with me." She had to suppress her own needs for a long time.

And as if that was not enough, she also chastises him in interviews: a few things in her book were not right for her husband, she said. If he even writes a book, he could then design the content. How rude, how cold!

Many are wondering: Does Bettina Wulff actually know any other word than "I"? The indignation over the open criticism of her husband knows no bounds. Because: something like that simply does not belong as a wife of a head of state a. D.!

And Christian Wulff? While his wife is still talking on talk shows, he is silent, burying himself in the house in Großburgwedel. He has become thin. After his resignation, he first fled to a monastery, since then seeks the advice of life counselors.

The humiliation by his wife should not contribute to the improvement of his constitution. And certainly not to save this marriage.