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Which coat is mine? That's our style advice

Army-look coat by Paul & Joe, ca. 770 Euro. Maxi dress from Lala Berlin, about 660 euros. Socks from Burlington, ca.12 Euro. Lace-up shoes in metallic optics by Vic, about 265 Euro.
Photo: Anka Bardeleben

Beautifully sheathed!

They are made of tweed or patent leather, trumped with checked pattern, oversized cut or shawl collar on: the new coats. Which one should you warm? The most beautiful models for your figure!

Styling case number 1: the military coat (see photo)

Heavy fabrics, wide belts, latch locks and chunky epaulettes are features of the military coats . And the reason why they look especially good on tall, thin women. Because the details on the upper body would emphasize broad shoulders and a big breast. But: If you have wide hips (but slim otherwise), these coats are great - because they balance the hip area.

And which coat is mine? All trendy models, which type they fit and great coats to buy - all that can be found in our picture gallery.

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Production: Ole Mlodzian

Hair & Make-up: Peggy Kurka / Bigoudi with products from Chanel & Aveda

Model: Alexa Corlett / MD Management

Assistance: Alina Masoomi