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Girl writes letter to her future self before she dies

Girl writes letter to her future self
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  1. The sad letter reminds us how precious life is
  2. Heartbreaking letter
  3. Life is precious

The sad letter reminds us how precious life is

The story of the girl who writes a letter to her future self and then dies in surprise is heartbreaking. But it also reminds us how precious life is.

When 13-year-old Taylor Smith tragically died of pneumonia in January, she left a surprise for her family. Parents Mary Ellen and Tim found in their deceased daughter's belongings a sealed envelope addressed to 22-year-old Tylor Smith. The girl has written a letter to her future self, which she wanted to reopen only after 10 years.

Heartbreaking letter

The first sentence of the letter to yourself is: "Dear Tylor, what is life like?". Tylor has already made specific thoughts about her future: "Congratulations on graduating from high school. If you have not done it, go back and keep trying to graduate ... "and" I want to become a lawyer ".

The following part of the letter is particularly sad: "Remember, it was ten years ago when I wrote this. There are good and bad things happening, but that's the way life works and we have to deal with it. "

Life is precious

When Taylor wrote this letter, she was well. She could not have guessed that she did not have this future of which she wrote. She was killed too early by the illness.

Taylor's parents have posted the letter on Facebook to remind others how precious life is. It should remind parents that they love their children and enjoy the time together. After all, you never know when it will end.


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