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10 reasons why 2015 EVERYONE should wear a bathing suit

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Photo: Navabi

We love the new bathing suits!

What was laughed at for years on the beach, mouses in this bathing season for it-piece on the sea and pool: the swimsuit. And we want to have it from now on too.

Stop the dusty image! From now on we get the bathing suit out of its shadowy existence and celebrate its comeback with a beach party. Why? Because the current swimwear designs and patterns are as cool and hip as they are long gone. Whether classically cut, with exciting cutouts or retro charm, our heart has already taken the old acquaintance of our childhood by storm.

But who still has doubts, here are ten reasons why you can leave the bikini at home now:

1. Swimsuits really suit every figure . You just have to find the right model.

2. They hide in the right places. A big belly, is visually simply wiped away. Strong hips suddenly seem slimmer.

3. Never again do we get out of the water and worry that something has slipped.

4. Even with the Köpfer in the pool , the upper part does not flute .

5. Afraid of tanning strips? Meanwhile, there are also UV-permeable swimsuits . The complexion is sitting.

6. The new models make us look really cool and up-to-date. Our favorite look: vintage designs and retro patterns. * Palpitations *

7. We no longer feel so naked on the outdoor pool.

8. You have to cream yourself less . (Yes, of course, is important, but somehow it annoys us too)

9. Bikini bearers look after us - and want from now on such an it-piece.

10. We look so grown up - and feel the same way!

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