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Mariah Carey's 40th birthday

Pop diva Mariah Carey gets spoiled


Mariah Carey / ©

What do you give to a diva like Mariah Carey, who already has everything and can fulfill every dream herself? A difficult question that also husband Nick Cannon must have asked, because his sweetheart celebrated her 40th birthday on Saturday. But quite the perfect dream man Nick bought his Mariah a custom made Porsche in the color pink. An ingenious gift that the singer was really looking forward to. "Nick surprised me with a pink Porsche! "Mariah Carey twittered proudly on her Twitter page. "And matching a huge trampoline, of course, in pink." Nice that the eight octave Queen can still be so much about material things. Her marriage to Nick Cannon seems to be going very well, and every time she appears in public they look very happy. One can only hope that it stays that way. According to reports, the exciting life of Hero Interpretin will soon be staged in a musical. But Mariah Carey does not want to participate, but wants Leona Lewis to play her part. "Secretly, Mariah hopes Leona Lewis will portray her, " says an insider, "Leona looks as exotic as she does and has a similar voice talent. No other singer can even touch her. "

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