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Five bodyguards for Robert Pattinson

After near-accident Pattz seeks strong protection

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson / ©

Robert Pattinson has indeed made it from star to megastar. Clear sign: From now on he is permanently surrounded by a crowd of five bodyguards. Actually, the security forces had only been hired to seal off Pattz from the buzz of fancy during the filming of Remember Me, but he has now decided to make personal protection permanent. The rash to reinforce Rob's team was an incident at New York's Union Square. where the Twilight hero was nearly knocked to death by a pack of fans. Pursued by the supporters, he was driven off the sidewalk and thrown against the door of a moving car-if he had gotten a foot under the tires or a garment stuck, the consequences could have been tragic. Thankfully, Robert stayed healthy and came away with a tremendous shock. Although his complexion resembled that of a bloodsucker after the accident, it also made it clear that unlike his role as Edward, Pattz is by no means fearless!