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Mariah Carey on magazine cover: suspenders, champagne, Photoshop

Mariah Carey Photoshop

Something is not right here: On a magazine cover, Mariah Carey shows very seductive in suspenders and lingerie. So far, so good - but unfortunately the singer with the great curves looks very phony in this photo!

Mariah Carey Photoshop
Photo: Getty Images, Wonderland / Twitter
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Wow, but there is a lot of gathering: Mariah Carey is allowed to play cover girl again and posing on the summer 2014 issue of the British "Wonderland" very teasingly in suspenders and lingerie. Lasciviously she slides a string of pearls through her gloved fingers, swinging an already emptied champagne glass in the other hand. Unfortunately, all the gimmicks and trappings can not distract from the fact that they were reaching deep into the Photoshop bag.

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Her skin: that of a 16-year-old (to remember: Even La Carey is not getting younger, now counts 44 Lenze). Her breasts: an image of sheer perfection. Smoothed her stomach, narrowed her legs - but Mariah Carey, famous and notorious for her great curves, does not really need Photoshop at all! Incidentally, the photographer of this cover was the scandal-ridden Terry Richardson, who is currently facing allegations of sexual harassment. The headline of "Wonderland": "Why are you so obsessed with me?" Oh, Mariah, why are you so obsessed with putting your body in the best light - however unrealistic this light may seem ...

Even Prince George was defaced with Photoshop!