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Claudia Hiersche: The new at "Everything that matters

Claudia Hiersche is the newcomer to AWZ.
Photo: RTL
  1. New entry at AWZ
  2. Claudia Hiersche is back in the soap world
  3. Claudia has also experienced a lot in private

New entry at AWZ

Claudia Hiersche is back in the soap world

The actress and presenter, who became known for her role of lesbian Countess Carla Sophia von Lahnstein in "Forbidden Love", is back on the screen.

As gangster bride Sylvia Kern, she makes life difficult for Altenburg's "Alles was zählt" .

Claudia has also experienced a lot in private

Her parents left the GDR with her in 1985. Claudia decided early on to become an actress and first attended the Falkenberg School in Munich. The station VOX quickly became aware of her and she got a job as a presenter. With the program " Wolkenlos " she visited over 60 countries.

In 2002, she hung up the moderation job and followed her heart - this shows the courageous side of today's 34-year-old:

Claudia Hiersche realized her dream and went to New York to study at one of the best acting schools in the world. For this dream she even accepted to have to live in a dark little basement room.

How often in life was her courage rewarded. The blond blonde got the role of Countess Carla Sophia in "Forbidden Love".

The rest is history. After her first starring role in the movie "Nina Undercover" she is now the new favorite at AWZ .

Privately the AWZ actress lived after her return from America in her adopted home Berlin, whether Essen is her new favorite German city, is not known.

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