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The longest marriage proposal in the world

He thought something very special too!
Photo: Youtube / Dean Smith

365 times he asked his sweetheart!

For over a year Dean Smith filmed daily to make a proposal to his girlfriend Jennifer. This got nothing of it.

On his girlfriend's birthday, Dean Smith realized that he wanted to spend his life with her. So he thought up something special: he wanted to make her the longest marriage proposal in the world . Every day for 365 days he made a short video showing a map with the question of all questions. He films himself while brushing his teeth, while working, washing clothes and in the car.

After Jennifer was lured to the beach on her birthday, she gets to watch the video. As she looks at it, Dean stands behind her. At the end of the video is the request: "Turn around!" There is her friend who shows the last card and then kneels down and handed her the ring. Totally romantic, he makes her a marriage proposal in the sunset. Of course she says yes!

The video quickly became a Youtube hit and received over 7.7 million clicks.

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