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With figure adviceBlazer: The styling all-rounder for every figure

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  1. All-rounder Blazer - with figure advice
  2. The classic in black
  3. Bright joy with delicate blazers
  4. Flashy blazers putting statements
  5. Figure advice: Who likes which blazer?

All-rounder Blazer - with figure advice

Hardly any garment is as grateful as the Blazer - and that for all types of figurines. Because: No matter whether chubby or willowy, with a blazer woman is always well dressed in any format.

This part should really have woman at least once in the wardrobe. Why? Because blazers have an incredible styling touch. No matter what else you wear, you pull a blazer over it you are immediately and all of a sudden really well dressed and stylish. The great thing about the pieces: they really suit EVERY woman - and can be combined in a very uncomplicated way. And: They are also ideal in warm temperatures as a jacket replacement ...

The classic in black

Need to have! That's the motto for the black blazer. Because he is practically a styling wonder: For a casual jeans look, for business style or as a dark contrast to the summer dress, the black blazer suits every occasion - and conjures even properly combined wonderfully slim.

Bright joy with delicate blazers

If the dark colors are too dull and dark in the summer, you can of course integrate brighter models into his looks. Especially pink and cream variants make our heart beat faster this season . The main reason is that the two sun-kissed skin can shine - but do not forget the serious demands on look and style.

Flashy blazers putting statements

These blazers will not only please the brave women among us, because they enhance the look of an otherwise simple outfit visually and radiate a good mood. A few flowers or even a pop color make us the eye-catcher on every event. Even in the office (if there is no strict dress code), such patterns and splashes of color can be well integrated into your own wardrobe.

Figure advice: Who likes which blazer?

As so often, it depends on the cut. Because Blazer is not the same Blazer. And woman is not the same woman. Every figure has different demands on the clothes we wear. Therefore, it is important to first know which type of figure you are. Here we differentiate between five types: V-, A-, X-, H- and O.

5 Figure Types: Which one do I belong to? Find out here ...

V-Type: A big bust, broad shoulders, a narrow waist and narrow hips are characteristic of the V-figure. The optical focus is here on the upper body. To distract a little from this, we recommend a straight-cut blazer, which is made of flowing fabric. Stay away from conspicuous shoulders, pads or patched breast pockets. These are counterproductive here.

A Type: Women with this type of figure have a wider hip than the shoulder. This has the consequence that the visual focus is on the pelvic area. In order to restore the visual balance, it is advisable to choose a blazer whose shoulder is padded or the fabric protrudes a bit (sounds worse than it really is) and thus makes the shoulders look wider. In addition, it is important to choose a tailored piece to create a beautiful, narrow center.

X-Type: The X-type is considered an ideal figure by many people. Shoulder and hips are about the same width and the waist is narrow. This form is also called hourglass type. Women of this type are very welcome to wear tight-cut blazers that are a nice touch to their feminine figure. In any case, the model should be fitted. However, you can also help with a belt or similar.

H-Type: Women with this type of figure are often considered sports guns. The reason: they have a more masculine figure. Her waist is not particularly pronounced and also bosoms, buttocks and hips are not considered lush. The Blazer here: feminine curves conjure! Try a fitted single-breasted model. This may also have sewn on breast pockets, as it is visually dazugemogelt at the bust. Exhibited models conjure up more butt.

O-Type: Women who feel like the O-type often have a round belly, a big bust, and a wide pelvis. Ideal for them are primarily dark, matte blazer made of thin fabric, which conjure a Nümmerchen slim and not apply additional. Those who prefer to paint in the summer may do so, contrary to the first spontaneous impulse. When styling, create a vertical line over your stomach. So this is optically reduced. An example: Wear black trousers, a black top, and over them an open, colorful or colorfully patterned blazer that reaches to the middle of your thigh. This creates a black line in the middle, which makes you narrower. Important: The blazer ALWAYS wear open, closed the models seem quickly stocky and make rounder again.

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