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Jacqueline Thiessen from GNTM totally transformed during the photo shoot

GNTM: Jacqueline Thiessen

Well, let's just say, the girls of GNTM are not changeable! Jacqueline Thießen, participant of the 8th

GNTM Jacqueline totally transformed
Photo: Pukall Photography on Facebook, Jacqueline Topmodel 2013 on Facebook
Season of "Germany's Next Top Model", turned into a court lady from earlier times for a recent photo shoot. For what the glamorous shots are intended and from whom they come, we reveal here!

Since leaving GNTM, the housekeeper Jacqueline Thiessen had become reasonably quiet. Although she was still running at the Berlin Fashion Week in 2013, she had initially devoted herself to her school education. Very praiseworthy! But one thing Jacqueline did not neglect after "Germany's Next Top Model": to work on her versatility and to fill her modelbook with beautiful photos.

The current candidates of GNTM are shown here:

These photographs, made by Jacqueline Thießen in the style of a noble court lady from the 18th century, come from the photographer Kerstin Pukall. On March 18, 2014, she published a small selection of the chic photo series (Pukall Fotografie on Facebook). And Jacqueline insisted on using her favorite photo directly as a new profile picture (Jacqueline Topmodel 2013 on Facebook). But there is a mighty pride, rightly, as we find.

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