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Maite Kelly in stress: Does the success make her sick?

She tries to be strong, but ...

Hanover, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Strasbourg (France), Zurich (Switzerland) and Berlin - which sounds like a nice holiday round trip, is a week pure stress for Maite Kelly (32) in March. 1 700 kilometers in seven days. Seven nights in foreign beds. Seven nights in another city. And this date marathon continues until June. A constant stress that endangers family happiness and health.

Recently, THE NEW spoke to Maite's husband Florent Raimond (36). He openly acknowledged that he was over-excited about his wife: "I have to protect Maite, because our lives have changed completely. We're just out and about every day. "Calls, emails, TV appearances and countless gala invitations . Since the "Let's Dance" win a year ago, Maite can no longer save himself from offers.

Reason enough for her husband and manager to pull the emergency brake in December. A holiday only with Maite and the two daughters (4 and 5) to have time for the family. Far away from the limelight and the flash of lightning, Maite Kelly took advantage of this break, recharged her batteries. And she should have taken it easier after that.

But nothing will come of it. On the contrary: From February to June 2012, Maite has almost 50 appearances to complete: the "Spring Festival of Surprises" tour, her own revue in Berlin, the television appearances as a jury member of the RTL show "Let's Dance", in addition to private family reunions - there is little time for rest, relaxation and children.

With such a long-term stress quite others have slapped. A collapse seems only a matter of time ... Now it's up to husband Florent to catch Maite Kelly . Only he can give her the strength she needs to survive those busy months. "He is my backbone and the cornerstone of my success, " said Maite Kelly about THE NEW. "Without someone who stands by you and supports you, it's hard in life. Florent protects me, and only through him I can do all this! "Let's hope that this time Florent manages to take care of his wife. Because it depends on the family happiness and Maites health.