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Funny April Fools 2014: The Top 10

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We regularly find great highlights on the World Wide Web! Today: Funny April Fools 2014 .

Today is the 1st of April! Everyone should not take that seriously and just laugh. Our funny n April Fools 2014 will rain your inner rogue guaranteed. Or just smile.

Let yourself be inspired by the fun n April Fools n 2014 and then just be naughty! Your colleagues, family or friends will not give you the little fun. Promised!

1. Everything is made of hack - even the new Ritter Sport Mett!

2. The Google Pokémon Application Challenge

The search engine Google reports: Google is always on the lookout for new employees and can come up with interesting challenges again and again in order to come to top staff.

The latest challenge is called Pokemon Master and takes place directly in the mobile version of Google Maps. To participate, you just have to open the Google Maps app on your smartphone and you're ready: Click on the search box and then on the first entry "Press Start".

You will then be transported to a random location on the map where the first Pokemons are located. Click on this Pokemon and he'll be bagged. After each successful collection, you can watch the "Pokedex", your highscore, so to speak. There you can also see how many Pokemons you have already bagged - and how many are missing up to 150. A sharing or similar does not exist, after all, it is an application.

3rd BILD boss brings Bart magazine out

The media magazine "Turi2" reports: Kai Diekmann publishes the new lifestyle magazine "Bart". Like the tattoo magazine "Ink", the monthly title was developed as a leisure project by Springer editors and is scheduled to start in May.

A youth supplement is planned, title: "Flaum".

4. Also in the stern editorial you are up for a joke!

5. Digital braces

As Microsoft reports, wearable computing, devices and IT that can be worn on and even in the body, is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The software giant picks up the trend at the developer conference BUILD from 2.-4. April in San Francisco and presents the "Microsoft Braces" - a first beta version of his digital braces.

In addition to Bluetooth, the built-in 32 megapixel camera is one of the highlight features. So the user can already take photos and videos with a slightly open mouth. Telephone calls can be made via the included clip bar. To prevent missed calls, text messages or tweets, the bar immediately activates a vibrating alarm in the entire oral cavity for incoming calls, messages and postings.

Microsoft Braces will be available in stores around the world for Christmas 2014.

7. Markus Lanz becomes the new chief steward on the dream ship

8. The music magazine "intro" opens up new target groups

9. Postage on emails

Prime Minister Stephan Weil confirmed information about an extraordinary pilot project during his visit to Hildesheim. This is the idea to reorganize the public coffers also to collect emails postage.

"I'm a bit surprised that the Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung learned about this plan so early, but can not deny that we are working on an e-mail fee, " said Weil. "Very soon we will start a field trial in Hildesheim".

Specifically, this plan means that any e-mail sent to or from Hildesheim will cost Krez a fee of 12 to 15 cents. The revenue is "100 percent benefit the city treasury."

Hildesheim Mayor Ingo Meyer comments: "We can use every penny in Hildesheim."

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