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Lilly Becker: Now she's fighting for Boris

This view is probably the rival: Lilly wants Boris only for himself.
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Party excesses were yesterday!

Afraid to lose him to his ex-wife Barbara ... Is Boris Becker's wife going on the offensive and trying to save her marriage? She proves to her husband that she can be an exemplary mother and good wife ...

Red painted kiss mouth, rosy cheeks and an elegant hairstyle. Lilly Becker (35) has not been seen so beautifully for such a long time. She smiles self-confidently at the photographers in a refined, snow-white top overalls . She nestles lovingly to her husband Boris (44). Her eyes sparkle with confidence, as if to say: "Look, this is mine. Stay away. "Then she kisses her lover, whispering in his ear, " I'm so in love with you! "

Yes, it is obvious: Now Lilly is fighting for her husband! After she had dumped to celebrate with his ex-wife Barbara (45) the college degree of son Noah (18). Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, Lilly now defended her marriage in an interview, saying, "We honor each other, love each other, argue, we talk. But first and foremost, it's about love. "Everybody should know that she does not give him so easily to rival Barbara.

For Lilly, of course, difficult, because Boris raves about his ex-wife again and again. To keep up with Barbara, the young Dutchwoman pulls out all the stops. Lilly now wants to show that she can be just as good a wife and mother as Barbara has always been. Knowing that his four children are first and foremost for Boris, she made a public declaration of love from Cannes to her son Amadeus (2): "I miss my prince and can not wait to sleep next to him and with him cuddle and smooch all night! "Yes, that pleases Boris.

But that's not all: Just recently Boris complained about his wife, publicly scolded: "Punctuality, discipline and restraint are not exactly their strengths." Lilly proves him exactly the opposite: in Cannes she sipped restrained to her glass of wine, sat like a lady eating and only eyes for Boris. So good and withdrawn Lilly was rarely seen. Because earlier she would have stormed onto the dance floor after several glasses of wine.

Yes, apparently, Lilly has realized that she has to change quickly so as not to lose Boris to Barbara. And maybe Lilly Becker will be mature enough for a second child . That would make Boris's greatest wish come true.