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Leonardo DiCaprio: With 'Titanic' he sank almost in the abyss

Leonardo DiCaprio has thought about throwing the towel after he was seen in 'Titanic'

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio / ©

The 35-year-old actor did not really enjoy his breakthrough in the movie's success, as his appearance was more debated than his acting qualities. DiCaprio, who played alongside Kate Winslet, explains, "I hated it, how they portrayed me as the pretty boy - as if that was all that was to be expected of me - I almost gave up acting because I was not aware of the attention that was focused on me, where I have them in my career I did not want to shoot romantic comedies or play in movies that are just my looks, I had to choose the people I was traveling with more carefully, I've been living a pretty cocky life for a while, and at some point tired of it. "He also reveals that for him and girlfriend Bar Refaeli soon children could be on the plan. For example, the star of 'Shutter Island' confesses that family has become more and more in his life since his 93-year-old grandmother Helene Indenbirken died in 2008. In the 'Daily Mirror' he says, 'Family is something I'm more involved with and more busy right now, because my grandmother is not around anymore, how important some things are, how important it is to be part of a family, and how important it is to have something besides work. "

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