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Headache: When the brain receives signals

The brain and its response to stimuli have been puzzling researchers.
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  1. Self-healing: the big extra
  2. This is how the problem arises
  3. That happens in the brain
  4. Tension headache & migraine
  5. Train your circulatory system
  6. Relax
  7. Eat properly
  8. Lavender tea
  9. Moist-cool compress
  10. caffeine
  11. lemon slices
  12. Further information and help

Self-healing: the big extra

A dull pressure or sharp pulsation - which really helps and how you avoid discomfort in the future.

This is how the problem arises

Although intensive research is being conducted on the most common types of pain, little was known about the precise development of headaches for a long time. Because the brain tissue itself is insensitive to pain.

That happens in the brain

However, new research shows that the walls of the blood vessels in the brain are well occupied with pain receptors. They can respond to the stretching and contracting of arteries and send signals to the pain center of the brain .

There are many possible triggers for excessive vein movement in the brain . This can z. As bad air, eyestrain or physical work may be tension in the back, shoulders or neck. Alcohol or nicotine are often enough in small amounts to cause headaches. In addition, psychological influences such as stress or depression play a role.

Tension headache & migraine

More than a third of Germans often have tension headaches, usually due to muscle hardening, such as the neck. This type of headache is the most common, 90 percent, usually between the ages of 20 and 30 and can become chronic (over four million people affected).

The second most common type, migraine, usually starts earlier. Affected are over eight million Germans, three times more women than men. The causes are very individual. But often, excessive levels of serotonin are involved. This messenger substance is said to inhibit inflammation. If it is missing, small inflammations develop which trigger the pulsating pressure in the head.

Train your circulatory system

Low blood pressure is often the reason for headaches. Exercise your circulation with changing casts in the shower. Guide the warm jet of water from the right foot to over the knee and back. Then the whole thing on the left side. Then repeat the right briefly with cold water, then left. You should make at least three warm and three cold fonts per leg. Good are also sauna and indoor pool visits.


Even simple exercises can prevent stress-related headaches. Good is the forehead cool exercise: You are lying on your back, preferably in bed. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and calmly in the stomach. Inwardly keep saying, "My forehead is very cool." Imagine that you feel this coolness. After about 5 minutes, clench your hands briefly, then stand up slowly and carefully.

Eat properly

Metabolic waste products in the intestines often cause headaches. Whole foods prevent: less sugar and white flour, more fruits / vegetables, whole grains. Less animal, more vegetable fats. And you should drink at least 2 liters of liquid daily.

Very good: mineral water with at least 100 mg magnesium per liter.

Even simple home remedies are effective if used immediately.

Lavender tea

Helps especially with stress headaches.

The recipe: per cup 1 teaspoon dried flowers (pharmacy) brew with 150 ml of water, let cover for 5 min, strain.

You drink 1 to 2 cups of not too hot tea.

Or massage the temples with 1 to 2 drops of lavender essential oil from the pharmacy.

Moist-cool compress

To do so, soak a firm cloth with tap water, gently wring it out and place it folded on the forehead.

Change the compress when it has warmed slightly.

Repeat as often as you like.


Drink 1 cup of strong coffee or espresso.

Caffeine helps many people even with migraine - especially if you strengthen the caffeine effect with lemon juice (1 to 2 teaspoons before or after coffee).

lemon slices

Just put 3 to 4 slices on your forehead until they get warm.

This is repeated as often as it is pleasant.

Then wash your forehead briefly with cool water.

Further information and help

More about headaches, tips, brochures and z. You can find a search for specialized doctors as well as self-help groups in the internet offer of the German Migraine and Headache Society :