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Carbohydrates? Yes, but healthy ones please!

Carbohydrates make you fat and sick? Not only. You should only take healthy ones.
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Eat better

There are so many prejudices about carbohydrates as there are sand on the sea. The most common: they make you fat, addicted and sick. But also in the nutrition it is like in life: First inform, then judge. As with fats, there are healthy and unhealthy carbohydrates . Not to forget that they are for us next to proteins and just the good fats main energy suppliers.

The German Society for Nutrition ( ) even recommends a daily caloric intake of at least 50 percent over carbohydrates . At 4 kcal / 100 g they do not contain half as many calories as fat (9 kcal / 100 g) and are indispensable for the performance of the human organism. Our brains, as well as our blood, need the energy provider to get their everyday performance.

It is even more important that we eat healthy carbohydrates to support our body. We will show you six foods that will help you to eat well and feel good, even on the scales.

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