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Beyoncé: The hottest scenes from her "Haunted" video

Beyoncé Platinum Release

17 in one go: The successful marketing of their music makes Beyoncé so fast none. She released a platinum version of her Beyoncé album and dished it up with 17 hot videos and two new songs.

Beyonce Haunted video
Photo: Vevo
Their brand new clip "Haunted" caused a sensation.

Eerie or scary erotic? Beyoncé puts on both effects in her video for the hit "Haunted", which appeared on November 24 with her "Beyoncé Platinum" album. We have collected the sharpest scenes from it.

In the video clip, Queen Bey moves into a hotel where she encounters all sorts of sinister characters. Nevertheless, it does not get really scary, because it captivates us first and foremost with dramatic make-up and sharp outfits.

Here, Beyoncé lolls in lace lingerie and suspenders on a bed while she takes off her clothes. What she carries in the end: A seductive cut-out bra by Agent Provocateur, where you can certainly look forward to exploding sales figures.

Is "Haunted" Beyoncé's hottest music video yet? She seems to take advantage of the fact that adrenaline and eroticism are an unbeatable combination.

By the way, other new videos have been released for her hits "Grown Woman", "Ghost" and "Yoncé".

Here is the full length video:

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