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Öko-Test: Carcinogens in discount coffee

Öko-Test awards discounter coffee enough and poor grades.
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Grades sufficient and deficient

The German drinks 3.5 cups of coffee per day. With every cup of coffee he takes a lot of carcinogens. The shocking test result!

The cup of coffee in the morning is just part of it. Maybe also at noon, in the evening and just in between? The Germans love their coffee. The average German drinks 1184 cups of coffee a year. A lot. Especially considering that one pound of coffee costs between four and ten euros, depending on the variety. An expensive fun! The solution: the handle to the cheap discounter coffee .

Öko-Test has examined the coffees of six different discounters: Lidl, Penny, Norma, Netto, Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord. The frightening result: none of the tested results scored better than 'sufficient'. Half of the coffee received a 'poor ', which is equivalent to a five in school grades.

Carcinogenic substances

In the discount stores Kaffees by Lidl (Bellarom strong roasted coffee), Aldi Nord (Markus coffee gold, fine-spicy) and Norma (Rösta Classic strong) Öko-Test showed increased levels of the carcinogenic substance acrylamide, which arises when heating food. A process that is inevitable when making coffee.

Also shocking: None of the tested discounter coffee could prove a fair cultivation. Penny and Netto dispense with any information, with Lidl and Norma there are hardly any correspondences between standards and product. Although the two Aldi companies are members of the '4C Association', a nonprofit organization committed to sustainable coffee cultivation, their 4C share in coffee is very low.

Unfair conditions

Although the products of Penny (The Spicy), Netto (Maxima Cafe Extra) and Aldi Süd did not contain tons of harmful ingredients, they were not found in production and transparency. Grade: sufficient.

The main thing is the coffee tastes - top credo of many coffee drinks. For the sake of your health and the environment, you may want to spend a few cents more on your coffee in the future. Do you already know the latest trend? Coffee with butter - a coffee creation that not only tastes good, but also helps to lose weight.

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