Recommended, 2022

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Card with pressed flowers

  • Different flowers (eg

      Violets in the pot, hydrangeas in the pot, tulips; everything from the florist, about 2-3 euros per pot)
    • For flower pressing: thick books with absorbent paper and something to complain about or a flower press from the craft shop; about 12 euros)
    • Adhesive (eg Fixogum from Marabu)
    • Colorful paper (department store, stationery department, DIN A4 sheet approx. 0.90 Euro)
    • Possibly. Stabilo Fine Liner for drawing in black
    • simple white frame
    • envelopes

    1. Press flowers in books or in a flower press. Duration: approx. 2-3 days.

    2. Glue flowers carefully on colored or white paper with adhesive (note: the flowers break easily). Small landscapes can be built or something added with a fineliner.

    3. Frame paper or send as a card in an envelope.

    Tip: Flowers that are pressed into books need absorbent paper, otherwise the moisture can not escape. Therefore it is best to place household paper between the book pages. To complain either use more books or z. B stones, tiles, stack plates.