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Little girl is selling lemonade to help refugees

In order to raise money for refugees, a small girl sold lemonade in America.
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Seven-year-old collects donations

When little Emery Alford talks to her mother about the refugee crisis, she comes up with an idea. She wants to help.

"I want to help the refugees reach Europe safely, " says seven-year-old Emery Alford when asked why she opened a soda stand in her hometown in the state of Virginia.

After a conversation with her mother, in which she told her about the refugee situation, it was clear to the girl that she would somehow want to support the people who have to leave their homeland. With the help of her mother, she set up a lemonade stall . In an interview with WWBT, the second grader said, "You have to travel from one place to another without food and clean water, I just wanted to help them." All the people who bought Emery's liquor stand informed the girl about the refugees' situation.

In just four hours, the seven-year-old could collect $ 250 (about 222 euros). The money wants to donate Emery to an organization called Migrant Offshore Aid Station, so that it benefits refugees.

It is beautiful and heartwarming to see that even young children like Emery Alford are thinking about what is happening in the world and want to do their part to help people in need.

NBC12 - WWBT - Richmond, VA News On Your Side

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