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Kitchen block with mosaic surface

  • 1 serving trolley "Bekväm" (eg

      from IKEA; 39, - €)
    • 2-in-1 paint (eg from Alpina, DIY store)
    • Mosaic tiles in light green and light blue (eg from Harry's Tile Market, here tiles for about 20-25.- €)
    • Mosaic adhesive (eg from efco, craft shop)
    • 1/2 bag grout (DIY store, about 7.- €)
    • Brush or fine-pored paint roller (DIY store, from 1.50 €)
    • soft rubber spatula (hardware store)
    • Sponge or damp wipe
    • Hooks and matching screws (hardware store, 2 pieces from about 2.99 €)

    1. Paint the legs of the car in green and allow to dry.

    2. Paint the lower edge of the work surface in light blue and also let it dry.

    3. Glue the worktop in a checkerboard pattern with the mosaic tiles and let it dry.

    4. Apply the grout according to the manufacturer's instructions to a pasty mass and work it into the joints with the rubber spatula.

    5. Allow to dry and, after approx. 4 hours, first remove coarse residues of the grout with a cloth.

    6. After about 12 hours drying time, clean the tiles slightly damp.

    7. Screw on the towel hook.

    Tip: If the wood surface for the mosaic surface is untreated, seal it with lacquer before gluing the mosaic on, so that the work surface does not bulge due to the moisture of the grout.

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