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Karl Lagerfeld his best quotes and sayings

Lagerfeld is a unique, his sayings have now cult status.
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Karl Lagerfeld is not only famous for his fashion, but also for his quick wit

Karl Lagerfeld is probably one of the most famous Germans in the world.

The Chanel chief designer with the sunglasses makes not only talk about elaborate collections, but also over and over again with his original sayings and blaspheming about other celebrities.

The fact that he often misses empathy, however, leaves the fashion-tsar cold. After all, Lagerfeld himself does not take himself so seriously, so why should others do it? "One should not take anything too seriously - just what one does." Of real importance to the Wahlpariser seems to be only his fashion and his cat Choupette,

And so you have to credit him, that he is also equipped with a healthy dose of self-irony: "I find myself superficial and indifferent. I have to grind that too. "

In our picture gallery you can read more about Karl Lagerfeld s ugly sayings , witty self-knowledge and wisdom . And so much was betrayed, we can be glad, not to belong to the German celebrities, at the fashion designer often leaves not a good hair.