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Can the bra cause breast cancer?

Can wearing a bra increase breast cancer risk?
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  1. New study
  2. The study
  3. The result

New study

Wearing a bra is said to increase the risk of breast cancer. If that's true? American cancer researchers have explored the myth. The result.

Every eighth woman is suffering from breast cancer . Just the idea: a nightmare. There are many possible causes. One of them could be wearing a bra s . Inconceivably! Almost every woman would be affected.

There is no scientific evidence for this assumption so far. It simply means that the bra of the bra should disconnect the lymph channels and prevent the transport of toxic substances from the body. The risk of developing breast cancer should be increased.

The study

Cancer researchers from the USA wanted to know more about it. They interviewed 1, 044 breast cancer patients and 469 healthy women between the ages of 55 and 74 about their lifestyle . They asked questions about the age at which the subjects wore their first bra, which model they preferred, and what cup size they had.

The result

The researchers came to the clear conclusion that wearing a bra has no effect on the risk of breast cancer. On the contrary! Even the cup size should not affect the risk of breast cancer either positively or negatively. Much more important are the family risk and a healthy lifestyle, so the cancer researchers.

Actually, the mammography to protect against breast cancer, but the check gets more and more in the criticism. Important questions and answers for all women.