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Justin Timberlake as a bearded nerd

Stars with beard: Justin Timberlake

Is Justin Timberlake now mutating into a bearded computer nerd? At an electronics trade show in Las Vegas he appeared with a bushy beard.

Justin Timberlake
Photo: Getty Images
We show even more stars who like to sprout their hair.

Justin Timberlake has often flirted with a three-day beard. Now, the actor, however, has opted for the full version: At the "International Consumer Electronics Show" in Las Vegas, the actor appeared in January 2012 with a full-grown beard and sideburns.

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Whether he wanted to identify with this new look as a computer nerd? While Justin in the movie "The Social Network" namely the enterprising internet entrepreneur Sean Parker mimed, he is active in this field in real life.

Justin Timberlake is now internet entrepreneur

Since 2011, the actor belongs to the owners of the internet platform Myspace. At the electronics show in Las Vegas, he introduced a new product from the company that allows users to chat on the TV and socialize.

Great that Justin Timberlake is involved in this exciting project. However, we would have liked his look from the movie "The Social Network" - without a beard and glasses - but maybe the actor has not got the new head of hair because of his computer business, but for his new movie "Inside Llewyn Davis This is about a New York musician in the 60s.

But regardless of whether the electronics show or the movie triggered Justin's hairy look, we hope the beard will soon be gone. Shaved, Justin Timberlake is still the hottest!

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