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Judith Williams on Andrea Lutz: "With her I go through thick and thin!

HSE 24-star Judith Williams

Judith Williams (39) and Andrea Lutz (44) like each other! The two stars of the teleshopping channel HSE24 have been close friends for ten years.

"Andrea greeted me very warmly and cordially, " recalls beauty, jewelery and fashion expert Judith Williams, as she met Andrea Lutz. Since that moment, the women also meet outside the station - for a coffee, to stroll or to chat. "We can talk about everything with each other, " says Andrea in an interview with DAS NEUE BLATT. Even in difficult situations, they are unconditionally there for each other. Of course, it is also an advantage that both have two children each. "We often talk about them, give each other advice, " says presenter Andrea Lutz. And Judith appreciates that her friend always knows where the latest fashion store for children is. But of course Andrea also has other qualities, as Judith says: "She is cheerful, funny, uncomplicated and a nice person. I trust her blindly " Read the whole interview with Judith Williams & Andrea Lutz in THE NEW SHEET No. 21, which will be available from May 18th onwards.