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DIY guide for a summery bread basket

These pretty breadbaskets are not only pretty for your own summer table, you can give them away as well. Click here for instructions.

You can easily make these pretty breadsticks yourself.
Photo: deco & style

What you need for the bread baskets:

  • 1 piece of cloth à 65 x 30 cm for the larger bag
  • 1 piece of fabric à 45 x 25 cm for the smaller bag
  • Schrägband
  • Stoffmalstift (white, Javana Texi Mäx Opaque, 2.99 €,
  • Paper, yellow
  • Pen, black
  • Letter clamp (office supplies)
  • tape measure
  • fabric scissors
  • pins
  • Sewing machine and matching yarn
  • paper scissors

And that's how easy it is:

  1. Turn the narrow edges twice over to the left side of the fabric, approx. 1 cm wide, pin with pins and then sew on so that the upper edge is serged.
  2. Fold the piece of fabric center-right on the right side, creating a rectangle of 30 cm width and 32.5 cm height.
  3. Border the side seams with bias tape and fix with pins. Stitch seams.
  4. Place the bag on the lower edge of the seam, unfold the corners. Now stick out the corners 7 cm wide (like a milk carton) and stitch.
  5. Turn the bag so that the seams are inside and roll out the edge.
  6. Do the same with the smaller piece of fabric.
  7. Draw a leaf pattern on each side of the bag with the fabric crayon. Observe manufacturer's instructions.
  8. Cut paper strips, approx. 11 x 2 cm, and label with the desired word.
  9. Bend paper strip at an angle over the edge of the fabric bag and secure with the clamp