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Make-up artist: 10 years younger in 10 minutes

Make-up artist Serena Goldenbaum is known for her natural, fresh looks.
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Make-up tricks by the professional

"Make up younger, that's really possible, " says one who also makes up the stars for television. Here are their tips.

Make up younger, of course that's it. We asked make-up artist Serena Goldenbaum for her anti-aging insider tips. And she could tell us many tricks for younger makeup .

"With bright accents you can make your complexion radiate by simply beating bright concealer into the inner corner of the eye, into the nasolabial folds and wrinkles, redness can be neutralized with a green tone.

As foundations tinted day creams or cream make-ups are suitable. The new products also contain light-reflecting pigments that make the skin appear smoother.

They also refine the pores and smooth the complexion. You better avoid powder makeup. These settle in wrinkles! "


... brings wonderful shimmer on the lips, makes the whole face shine. Also nice are lipsticks with glossy effect. They are now also available with nourishing anti-aging additives! Bright colors like rosé coral make lips look fuller. And give youthful freshness.

sagging cheeks

... are simply laminated with rouge. Applied directly to the cheekbones, it looks like a little lift! Also a nice trick: apply some terracotta powder under the chin line. This visually tightens up this lot.


... grow thinner and brighter with age. Well-formed and slightly smeared bows (with brow powder or pencil) make you younger and open the eye like an eyelid lift. Unruly hairs can be brushed up and fixed with a special gel.

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