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Jamie Campbell Bower: "Lily lights up every room!"

Star interview with Jamie Campbell Bower

Unfortunately awarded: Blockbuster star Jamie Campbell Bower fell in love with the set in his film partner.

The casual Brit with the shoulder-length cousin played the nasty Volturi vampire Caius in the Twilight saga.

Jamie Campbell Bower
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For the fantasy blockbuster "Chronicles of the Underworld", he now switches sides, as shadow hunter Jace he chases bloodsuckers and demons.

JOY: In the movie, you have sinister rune tattoos that give you superhuman powers in combat. Do you also own which ones?

Jamie Campbell Bower: Yes, even six! Each one represents something that has meant a lot to me in life. For example, on my leg I wear a house-swallow. Every year, this species of bird nests at my parents' home in England in the countryside. This tattoo tells me that I am always firmly attached to my parents.

Since the shoot, you and Lily Collins are a couple. Did you fall in love with the first meeting?

Years ago we have met fleetingly on a premiere, without consequences. At the casting we understood each other as good as we would have known each other for ages. The chemistry was right. She is just a wonderful person - sweet, soulful and spiritual. Lily immediately lights up any room she enters, and I think it's a blessing to be near her. I'm so happy.

The movie is about evil powers and superhuman powers, are you a bit superstitious as well?

Not directly, but I believe that there are spiritual powers that we can not control. I also have a lucky charm that I always wear when something important is due! It's a necklace with little charms that Lily gave me.

Lily's filmmaker breaks in right at the beginning. What would be the worst thing that could be stolen from you?

There's nothing to bring to me (laughs). I would painfully miss photos of family and friends. But thieves steal rather laptop and mobile phone. Things that would be expendable for me.

In one scene you play piano as Jace. Can you do this?

Yes, I have been playing for years. But the Johann Sebastian Bach piece, which I strummify in the film, I have extra rehearsed.

Is it true that you did the stunts yourself?

To 99 percent yes! I practiced somersault for weeks, which was relatively easy for me as a snowboarder. I wanted to do as much as possible myself, but a complicated backflip was too risky. He took over my stunt double and he injured himself promptly. Fortunately not difficult.

In these stunts you are often seen with your upper body free. Was it hard work to train such a six-pack?

Already four and a half months before the filming started: I was a permanent guest in the gym and spent three hours a day doing martial arts. In addition, I kept strict diet: no gluten, no oils. I ate vegan, which was hardest for me.

They were already in front of the camera as a teenager. How do you get into acting business so early?

At 15, I began to model, but the action came to me too short. So I wanted to be an actor. At 17 I got my first movie role in "Sweeney Todd" alongside Johnny Depp. I rarely do fashion shootings anymore. Recently as a favor for my ex-girlfriend Zoe Graham. She is a designer and I modeled for her jeans label Jervoise.

How do you prefer to spend your free time?

With sleep (laughs). But I also like to read poems by English authors or write music. The pieces always depend on my mood. When I'm mad and want to scream loud, I just write a piece of metal (laughs).

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