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Inka Bause: "I'm afraid that love will be lost after the wedding!

Moving confession of the TV-coupe

A burnt child is afraid of the fire, they say. And it seems the same with TV-coupler Inka Bause ("Bauer sucht Frau")! She is happy with her current partner, but she still does not want to give it to him. Too big is the fear that marriage could fail like that with musician Hendrik Bruch (48). We talked exclusively with Inka about baby plans and wedding:

Her daughter is now 14 and out of the woods. Have you never wanted more children? Inka Bause: I always wanted two, but it did not turn out. I split up with my ex-husband when Anneli was little, and after that I did not meet a man with whom I wanted a child. And with your current partner? Inka Bause: I'm 42, and the next big adventure that I'm looking forward to is being Grandma. I know what it's like to be mom and I liked it. But I do not want a Nachzögling to make me feel young. I'm totally happy with my life the way it is. I still have enough to do with Anneli and my life is too restless. I am a single parent, and sometimes it was very difficult. Can you imagine marrying your partner someday? Inka Bause: Actually, my life planning does not include a wedding. I'd rather go through life unmarried. I think that keeps the relationship fresh. You can tell immediately when dealing with each other, whether a couple is married or not. Are you afraid that love will be lost through marriage? Inka Bause: Yes. Also, that the respect and the fear of losing the other, dwindles. Even if you can divorce theoretically. I think it's better if my partner stays with me because of love and not because he is too comfortable to get a divorce. But many women would like to be a bride ... Inka Bause: I've been that before. I think it would be nicer to have a private party: in a beautiful dress, with fidelity and wrestling - except that it is not a wedding . It is called different and yet feels connected.

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