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In the Cretaceous with table-cloth

Now we're getting school back home - and are hipper than ever with it ...

From now on Rumkritzeln on the furniture is expressly allowed: Because with a wipe everything is gone!

This is made possible by transparent board varnish . Whether on wood, MDF, terracotta or on the wall: you can now create paint surfaces everywhere - in all colors. To do this, simply paint the substrate with acrylic lacquer in the desired tone and apply transparent tabletop paint after drying. If you do not want to pick up a brush yourself, choose this coffee table with a writable coating.

(Coffee table with table-cloth, 40 x 90 x 60 cm, about 180 €: Impressions: Transparent table-cloth (on deco butterflies), from approx. 3 €: Rayher)

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