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Hypnosis: healing in a trance

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  1. How much power is in our subconscious? Hypnosis reveals it.
  2. What exactly happens to us when we allow ourselves to be hypnotized?
  3. In hypnosis, the laws of space and time are simply eliminated
  4. We are not free of will, but focused and relaxed
  5. When trance saves the ego
  6. We are in trance every day - mostly without realizing it
  7. How to contact the inner doctor

How much power is in our subconscious? Hypnosis reveals it.

In hypnosis, in the state of trance, we are confronted with ourselves and experience which miracles, which power is hidden in each of us. A self-experiment ...

What exactly happens to us when we allow ourselves to be hypnotized?

A self-experiment with Piero Reghenzi, an experienced Hamburg hypnotherapist, should clarify and save me from my sleep disorders.

Reghenzi's explanation: " Hypnosis is a state of well-being, between waking and sleeping, the sense of time is lost, the environment becomes more and more unimportant, but the mind is very clear and focused."

After a detailed preliminary talk, the first session follows. "Feel your breath flowing through your body, breathe deeply and slowly, in and out, " Piero says in his sonorous voice. "Nothing is more important, every sound deepens your relaxation, you concentrate now only on my voice, your eyelids are getting heavier, your eyes are closing in. Now imagine, you're standing on the edge of a staircase you go down the steps slowly, ten, nine, eight ... "

In front of me, a spiral staircase appears, which I go down slowly. When I arrive at one, I'm just on the last step and see my foot hovering above the ground.

Piero's voice leads me. "Now you go down a corridor, on and on, there is a gate at the end of the corridor, and behind this gate is a beautiful garden." Now a huge gate actually appears. I open it carefully. And look into a dreamlike, light-flooded landscape. I enter. At the same time I am fully aware that I am lying in a light trance under a blanket. I slide through the garden, to the left and right of me I register flowers. Now I'm getting closer to my goal. Piero leads me to a source - the source of my power. And here, under the colorful splashes of water fountains, I meet my inner doctor.

In hypnosis, the laws of space and time are simply eliminated

I do not know how long I have exchanged with my helper, but still I feel that deep inner peace, that feeling of security as soon as I close my eyes.

After the session, I feel reborn. And on the next nights, I'll finally sleep soundly and deeply again. But how is it possible that a single hypnosis session is enough to cure my sleep disorders ?

"In trance, we gain access to the knowledge and unlimited solution creativity of our unconscious, in this state of deep relaxation, it is possible to solve personal problems and make positive changes, " explains Piero.

In this state, we can give our body valuable impulses for self-healing . Because hypnosis causes a neuronal relaxation and is beneficial to the entire organism. The release of stress hormones decreases, and the immune system is stimulated.

A study by London University College concludes that completely different brain areas are active in deep trance than in everyday life. Much more directly than in a normal conversation, hypnotists can work directly on their own subconscious and in this way often outgrow their apparent potential. In trance we have a proven influence on physical processes.

We are not free of will, but focused and relaxed

And what about the fear of losing control, about surrendering in a trance to the instructions of a therapist? It is completely unfounded, as I found out myself.

Hypnosis is not a faint or unconsciousness. I was also in a trance every word concentrated and felt very present. Hiding only disturbing outside noise.

No one can force us to do things that we would refuse to wake up to. Commands will only be accepted if we agree.

In case of danger, the subconscious mind can stop hypnosis within seconds, and even when we are in the deepest trance, we are immediately wide awake.

Still the exciting question remains: what exactly happens to us when we are hypnotized?

Although the procedure is one of the oldest therapies in the world, even experts can not answer this question accurately. In various studies, researchers at the University of Jena have investigated what happens in the body of people who are in this strange state between waking and sleeping.

"Our work shows that even with strong stimuli, no alarm is triggered in the responsible brain regions, " explains Prof. Miltner. That means: strong pain is simply hidden. And this not only applies to the state of the trance, but also has a long-term effect on chronic pain. "Here the persuasive effect is twofold: The pain transmission is stopped, and at the same time the production of pain-relieving hormones increases, " explains Dr. med. Wolfgang Blohm, head of the clinic of the only German hypnosis clinic in Riddorf. The success rate for chronic conditions such as migraine, back pain or cancer pain: 70 to 80 percent.

When trance saves the ego

"7.13 am - my gaze on the alarm clock is the last thing I can remember, after that it's nothing, just darkness." Stroke, "was the diagnosis of my doctors." But Marlen Winter did not notice that.

She spent two weeks in a kind of intermediate world - was neither here nor elsewhere. When she came to, she was paralyzed on one side and could hardly speak. Investigations showed that short-term memory was blocked, and intellectual abilities had dropped to the level of a child. After a few weeks, almost all therapeutic options were exhausted. Almost all.

Because there was a specialist who worked with hypnosis. In desperation Marlen Winter clung to this last chance. And the miracle happened: "During my trance sessions, I traveled in the depths of my mind, visiting my brain, imagining how I reconnected destroyed networks of nerves, or, in particularly severe cases, connected them with a welding torch. its tracks were interrupted again and again and I picked up the loose ends - so gradually created a new net It was tedious - but after each hypnosis hour my mental faculties had regenerated a bit Today I am not complete healed - but I do not need a wheelchair anymore and I am as mentally fit as I was before my stroke, but I know that without my trance travels I would never have made it. "

We are in trance every day - mostly without realizing it

After all, nearly 90 percent of all people are hypnotizable. Incidentally, we are more in a trance than we think: reading a thrilling book, listening to music, watching TV - or on the highway. Almost everyone knows this strange feeling: what have I actually done in the last ten minutes? We react automatically - just like in a trance - while we are completely elsewhere with our thoughts.

How to contact the inner doctor

In the following exercise, we can try to put ourselves in hypnosis. This works best before going to bed. The more often we try, the more intense the trance experience becomes:

Lie comfortably outstretched. Close your eyes. Indulge in the flow of breathing: inhale, pause, exhale, pause ...

You are on the edge of a lake, surrounded by green hills. You stand on the beach, from where you can overlook the lake. A small boat appears blurry on the horizon, slowly moving in your direction. The person in this boat is your personal helper.

As the boat approaches slowly, you hear the waves rushing. The contours of the boat become more and more apparent, and you realize that your inner doctor is sitting with his back to them in the boat. The boat finally gets stranded in the sand. The helper jumps out of the boat and pulls it ashore. Together with him, take a few steps, find a quiet place. There you take a seat.

Now describe your problem to your inner doctor and ask him for help. Your helper may not answer you directly the first few times, but he often communicates his messages through emotions. We feel like B: That's good for me, not that.

Over time, the instructions become more and more understandable, we learn to trust the doctor in us. This opens the way to more serenity, opens up the possibility for self-healing. Because intuitively we know anyway what we need to feel comfortable. And finally, any healing, even in a trance, is a self-healing.

Text: Christiane S. Schönemann


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