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Duchess Camilla swears on a facelift with bee venom

Duchess Camilla likes it, of course.
Photo: AFP / Getty Images

Naturally beautiful

Bee poison to firm face. Duchess Camilla (65) is to swear on a natural facelift, according to the British "Express". At the very least, this claims the "cosmic healer" Deborah, which includes not only Camilla but also celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow (39) and Victoria Beckham (38) to their customer base.

Deborah Mitchell is the founder of "Heaven" and distributes facial care products containing bee venom. And they are supposed to have a wonderful effect on the appearance of the skin, removing signs of tiredness and aging. Wrinkles, swollen eyes, pigment spots and hanging tissue should be eliminated.

Bee venom is a "natural botox" because of its collagen-promoting properties, according to Deborah. Tight, young skin for everyone? Not quite. Because if you want to be beautiful, you have to pay first. And the toiletries with bee venom are not cheap. So you have to lie down for the eye cream (15 ml) proud 71.50 euros. Particularly rich products are available from 180 euros.

For a Camilla this should be bargain though. After all, the British royals spend around 38.2 million euros annually. How much of it is calculated for beauty products, however, is not known.